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Sailun Tire Giveaway!!!

Tires. This post is about tires. Tires to me, are BORING. The average person does not care about tires. I only care about tires when they are flat, or when I have to buy new ones, and I begrudgingly do this.

Last week I got invited by PTPA media to a Women’s Car Care event, sponsored by Sailun Tires. They wanted to gather a group of female bloggers, tell us a little about their product, and then show us the ins and outs of a car and under the hood, and the big finale, how to change a flat tire.

As the principal driver in our family, I jumped at the chance to go. I will admit a few weeks ago I had to put air in my tires, and I wasn’t 100% sure how to properly do that. I filled it, kicked it, and then left feeling a little uneasy that I had either under or over inflated my tire. I didn’t really know how to check, so I figured, even if I learned how to do that, it would be worth my time to go.

The invite said to wear casual clothes and closed toed shoes, because we would be getting dirty. I chose a pink and white hearts tee shirt, and pink ballet flats. I figured hey, if my car did break down, and I did really need to change a tire, I wouldn’t be in “garage clothes.” I may even be in heels!

I arrived ready to learn. Sort of. I am a terrible listener, and I was about to sit through a presentation on something that has very little interest to me. Tires.

The Sailun Rep started. She (Yes, she. A female. They knew who their target market was and I admire that!) gave a short presentation about their company, and got right to points I, as a consumer, was interested in.

Sailun, in a series of blind tests, rated the same or HIGHER than most major brands, and they are about HALF the price. Right here, they have me as a customer. Safety first, and then price are the two most important things to me. I also learned that “All Season” tires are really only “Three Season” and how Winter Tires are really a safety necessity.

Sailun also sponsored 150 Canadian minor sports teams last year. I LOVED that. I think that really says a lot about them as a company.

Over the course of the day, I learned how to check my tire pressure, check all my vehicle’s fluids, and how to change a tire. They stressed the importance of safety, to call tow truck or call your Auto Club if you have one, and to really only change it if you are at a safe, off the road location.

I will probably never change my own tire, but it’s really nice knowing I could if I needed to. I have CAA, and a cell phone, but hey, things happen. I left feeling pretty empowered and confident with my new skills, and I highly recommend everyone take a Car Care Clinic soon!

Okay! Now here is the AWESOME PART!!!

PTPA Media and Sailun Tires are giving away a FREE SET OF TIRES to one lucky contest winner. Follow the link below to enter! Good Luck!!

shoe tire
Free Set of Sailun Tires