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Lost Sock Memorial Day

At the foot of my bed sits a laundry basket. Not a clean basket for folding, not a dirty basket getting ready to be washed. No, this basket is a special kind of basket that bugs me EVERY SINGLE TIME I LOOK AT IT.

This basket is filled with the bane of my laundry existence, UNMATCHED SOCKS.

Socks of every size, texture, shape and colour. Sweat socks, toe socks, dress socks, ankle, knee. Even old baby socks are in there, and my youngest is 10!

WHY does this happen? They go in to the wash in pairs, but somehow come out solo. I throw them in the basket, thinking eventually the second one will turn up, BUT IT NEVER DOES!!!

In the past, I have done creative things with the lone ones. I’ve used buttons and yarn to make sock puppets. I have tried using them as dusters, to clean the house. Problem is I am a lousy housekeeper, so I’d only use one a month. I’d never get rid of them at that rate!

I am going to be stuck with a basket of mismatched socks FOREVER. I can’t bring myself to throwing them out. I can’t increase my carbon footprint with something that makes a footprint! I am trapped.

Or, at least I thought I would be, until I learned that May 9th is unofficially “Lost Sock Memorial Day.”

Yes. That’s right, a made-up day that is giving me permission to THROW OUT THE OLD SOCKS. I will have one last look, try to match up a few, and then take a moment and thank all those socks for keeping my family’s toes warm throughout the winter, and then PITCH THEM IN THE GARBAGE, GUILT FREE!

PLUS. Sandal season is almost here! You know what that means??!!?? NO SOCKS FOR 4 MONTHS!

Imagine the space I will have now at the end of my bed, instead of a laundry basket mocking me! I will put that basket in the basement and be free of mismatched socks!

For now.

Eventually they will pile up again; I am sad to say I know this. But hey, at least I have until September.

So, go ahead. On May 9th, you have official permission to throw out those lone socks.

And, if you can’t bring yourself to do it, may I suggest a sock themed craft for Mother’s Day? The pass off is maybe your only chance!!!



I Choose to #NotChoose (AKA) #DoveOff

SO, it’s the day before my 44th birthday. My gift to myself was a promise to, from this point on in my life, NOT get fired up over stuff on the internet. Yep. No more fighting. No more tears, no more anxiety, NO SHAMING, no NOTHING. I will NOT INTERNET ENGAGE. From this day forward the only time I will internet cry, is when I watch You Tube videos of War Vets being reunited with family members and pets. Or, if I need a break from that, my new favourite You Tube sensation, people meeting their deceased loved ones’ organ recipients. These things are just feel good, healthy ugly crying clips, not things that make me question my past parenting or life choices. I have plenty of real day to day goings on that I overreact to, so no worries, I will still be able to get my kookoo on just fine!

Well, that promise lasted until 11am, when I stumbled across DOVE’S newest campaign. #ChooseBeautiful

Now, I know, it’s my own fault. I shouldn’t have watched their video. BUT I had to. I couldn’t help it. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Dove campaigns, here’s how they go. FIRST, they make women, REAL women, make some sort of a choice, which will make them feel bad about themselves. Then they sit them down, show them the video of them making a choice to make themselves feel bad, point out they did this, making them feel bad about feeling bad, and then tell them their products will help correct the damage we women have done to ourselves and to our daughters.


You get the point. After some quick internet research, (you know, how I find ONLY the comments I want to find, proving my point, and my point only!) I have found a lot of people are unhappy with this campaign. It seems we are getting wiser to the ways of advertising, and how they totally prey on Women’s insecurities. Advertising will always target women like this, it’s how stuff gets sold. BUT the thing that bugs me the most about Dove, is that they do it in an underhanded way. Choose Average or Beautiful. Wait, you’re ALL Beautiful, can’t you see that? They could have chosen any words in the world, but they chose a negative and a positive, with both choices leaving you feeling bad. (The signs were also installed by men. Did you catch that irritating point??!!??) Yes, they could have chosen other words, like Smart or Funny, but you know what? Women are ALL THOSE THINGS. We don’t need to decide what we are, or how we see ourselves while heading to work or the mall. Everyone has great days, and everyone has bad days. Some days I think I’m Kate Upton, other days I catch a glimpse of myself in a store window and say “WHAT THE FUNKY FUDGECICLES, I LEFT THE HOUSE LIKE THIS!!??” I am super sick and tired of so many media forms making people feel badly about themselves. We all do this without any help. I would sure love it everyone who feels like me would go to their hashtag and let them know what you really think of their #ChooseBeautiful campaign. In case my internet rage isn’t enough to convince you, did you know that Unilever, the company that makes Dove and these ads, also makes Axe for men. In case you’ve forgotten how much Unilever cares for women, and how we see ourselves, watch this:

Well, Happy Birthday to me. I will not engage in internet rage. Starting…TOMORROW.

Dressing Right For Your Body Type AKA Kiss My Sweet A**

Spring is almost here. Beautiful, airy fashions are flooding into stores, and online for shopping. Heavy boots are being tucked away for more fashion friendly footwear. It’s a great time for updating wardrobes!

Around this time of year, I see lots of articles pop up on how to know what sort of clothes suit you, especially if you have a less than perfect body shape. Some even have handy charts, showing whether you are an apple, pear, rectangle, hourglass, or wedge. Tall and skinny, or short and fat? Big boobs, small boobs, no boobs? Someone can fix that! There are all kinds of tips for you, especially for every woman’s favourite thing, bathing suit shopping!


Well, I thought I’d make up a list, to help get you through the spring and summer wardrobe season. I’ve narrowed it down to three simple rules, hopefully you will find these helpful!

  1. Wear whatever the F*** you like. Do you like something? Then buy it. If it’s tight, loose, short, long, striped, checked, coloured, covers up, let’s it all hang out, in fashion, out of style, boring, outrageous, or anything else you can think of, if you like it, YOU WEAR IT.
  2. Stop buying magazines and reading articles and listening to anyone or anything that makes you feel bad about yourself and your choices. If you feel good in something, then you look good in it too! Don’t spend another summer hating yourself and covering up because you feel less than perfect. It’s too hot for that bulls***!
  3. Be kind to yourself. We are our own worst enemies. Be healthy, take care of your body, but take care of your heart and soul too. Enjoy your life. You will waste so many years putting things off if you wait “until you lose that twenty pounds.” Swim with your children, be in family photos, take a dance class. Your children don’t care how you look, they love you as you are. By accepting and caring for yourself, and trying to be healthy mentally and physically, you are setting such a great example for your family!

Well, there you have it. My shopping tips. Now go buy yourself something you absolutely love and feel great in! My current fav? A cherry print bathing suit. A little spill going on over the top, a little jiggle going on at the bottom, and a whole lotta sexy going on right in the middle!

These are two stores I love, that carry local human sized clothing. Something for everyone!