Let’s Stop Calling Our New Prime Minister a Hottie.

October 19th was a great day for us here in Canada. We as a country, came together to make a major political change, voting out what I believe to be a terrible Prime Minister. In an overwhelming voter turnout, we as a whole said NO MORE, and voted in a young, vibrant, charismatic, smart, savvy new Prime Minister, with hopes that this man and his ideas will get us back on track to be the greatest country in the world. 

He also, in case you didn’t notice, is a bit of a Hottie!ez%20justin%20china 

The internet exploded, worldwide, the very next day that Canada had elected, and I quote:

“A Bangable Prime Minister!”

Yes. BANGABLE. I read that. More than once. This cracked me up! Who even says that anymore? Well, me now, all day long. “Do these Costco Jeggings make me look bangable?” “Does this flannel Garfield shirt make me look bangable?” (There’s been a lot of that this week.)

There was a hashtag #PMILF. The Twitterverse was on FIRE. Every paper and magazine starting talking about it, and calling him “The Sexiest Politician EVER.” I laughed, and I’ll admit, I kind of loved it. I actually felt proud. “That’s right, he’s our Hottie PM, and he’s going to make our world better. He’s going to right all of Harpers’ wrongs.”

One girlfriend asked if I thought it seemed kind of gross and sexist to say this about our new leader. No, I really didn’t. Just because he’s good looking, doesn’t take away from the fact he’s smart and skilled. The whole world knows we elected him not for looks, but for his political views and our faith that he can take care of our Country, Right? (They must!) One of his promises was to have an inquiry into the missing and murdered indigenous women of our country. That is HUGE. Everyone knows this, right? (They don’t.)

She then asked me “What if people described YOU as bangable? How would you feel about that? Imagine if people said that about you doing your job!”

ARE YOU KIDDING? At this point in my life, I would LOVE THAT. In my mind, it goes like this:

“Hey, you know that lady that walks all those kids to school in her pyjamas? TOTALLY BANGABLE.”

“Do you mean the one that claims she’s writing a book but has a nap every afternoon? Yeah. I’d hit that.” #LMILF (Lazy MILF)

“I love a woman so confident, funny AND smart, that also happens to be a total hottie. I have mad respect for that!”

So, as you can see, the comments about Trudeau didn’t bother me. (You may also see that I sometimes have a skewed sense of reality.)

At first I thought there was no harm in it, but by the end of the day, words like “objectifying, sexiest, demeaning, dismissive, belittling” made me start rethinking my enjoyment of it all. Comments like “Hey, it happens to women all the time!” or “He’s the one who posed with his shirt off, so he must like this kind of attention!” totally made me cringe. I HATE those kind of comments. I LOSE IT when people say that about women. So why is it okay for me to say this about a man? Two wrongs don’t make a right. My feeling of sisterly pride for our “Hot new PM” have quickly turned into that slightly regretful feeling you get after you’ve gone to ladies night at a strip bar, or maybe got too drunk at a wedding. I feel sort of bad for my actions. I didn’t “big picture” it. I just wanted to have some fun but didn’t really think through how it would all play out the next day. I don’t want the world to think we voted in a man because of his looks, his bangability, or curly hair. I want them to know we did this because of our hopes he can help us change our country, for the better.

I love Canada and I think we did a good thing on Monday. I hope we can show the rest of the world that. I will now stop all my silly business and give this election the respect it deserves. We have a new leader, which is great, but we also (here in my riding) lost a beloved NDP MP in the collateral damage. I’d hate for her to think her job, that she has done well, was taken away from her because we can’t resist dreamy eyes and a smile. I think she deserves better than that, Justin Trudeau certainly does, and we as a country do too.




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